DURASTICK Plastic Cutting Sticks

Ever advancing cutting technology demands the highest performance from precision engineered cutting sticks to achieve the quality required by today’s print finishers.
The DURASTICK range of Cutting Sticks, manufactured in England, has been developed to give optimum durability and performance in this paper converting application.


• DURASTICK Cutting Sticks are manufactured for use on all paper cutters and three knife trimmers.
• The DURASTICK Cutting Stick is fitted into the slot in the cutting table of the guillotine. The knife penetrates this strip at the end of it’s downstroke which results in a clean, precise cut
from the first to the last sheet of paper.


• DURASTICK Cutting Sticks are produced for allmachine types and makes. The Cutting Stick range extends to the very latest models and includes all paper cutters and three knife trimmers manufactured worldwide.
• Original equipment manufacturer specifications are used for the production of nearly all Cutting Sticks and a comprehensive size list is available detailing the make of the machine, model, size of Cutting Stick and original part or drawing number where applicable.
• DURASTICK Cutting Sticks are available in a range
of materials which take into consideration the following:
1. the compatibility of the material to the quality of the knife
2. the durability expectation during the cutting process
3. the versatility to suit more than one knife quality
4. the consideration of environmental issues and plastic recycling regulations
5. the economic advantage of using the Plastic Cutting Stick against using more traditional materials such as wood, xylonite or compressed paper

• DURASTICK Cutting Sticks are produced 100% from prime material components in modern production facilities.
• Virgin plastic resins are formulated into compounds specially suited to the Cutting Stick application.
• The plastic profiles are engineered under climatically controlled conditions which result in a constant product quality.
• Thermal instability of plastics is taken into account under a stringent quality control system.
• Tolerances of 0.01mm or 0.0004" are achieved on the size specification and length to 0.05% per linear metre within these controlled conditions.
• Special requirements such as additional bevel or radius corners, holes, counter-sinking and slots can be engineered to suit individual specifications.


• Advanced and flexible production techniques mean that special sizes
and materials can be made to order in low quantity, with minimum
lead times and at competitive prices.
• Plastic cutting pads, boards and discs are also manufactured for
round cornering or punching machines, rise and fall die-cutting
applications and paper drilling machines
• Branding of all Cutting Sticks such as with the company name, logo,
telephone numbers or product identification, for marketing purposes
is available by direct printing onto the product within the
manufacturing process.
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