DURABIT Paper Drill Bits

The advancement of the Paper Drilling to the semi and fully automatic machines has resulted in the requirement for Paper Drills of the highest quality and performance.
The DURABIT range of Paper Drill Bits has been developed, using the latest technology, to give optimum drilling performance and life when converting a wide range of papers, boards and laminates ideally suited for today’s print finishers.


• DURABIT Paper Drill Bits suit a large range of Paper Drill machines.
• The diameter of the Paper Drill Bits can be matched to the size of the required hole.
• DURABIT Paper Drill Bits are suitable for use on manual, semi-automatic and automatic drilling machines including single and multi-headed drills.


• DURABIT Paper Drill Bits are available in:

1. Eight main styles which suit most of the paper drilling machines manufactured worldwide.
2. OEM specifications in terms of size and material are used for the manufacture of DURABIT Paper Drill Bits.
3. DURABIT Paper Drill Bits are manufactured in both metric and imperial measurements according to the origin of the machine and market.
4. DURABIT Paper Drill Bits are manufactured in dimensions from 2.0mm to 22mm and from 1/8" to 1/2" with grooves, recesses, drilling depths specially and individually manufactured.
5. The following range of Paper Drill Bits suit paper, board and laminate applications:
Standard HSS steel – Suitable for use on 90% of all drilling applications.
6. The following special surface treatments are available on all styles and size of DURABIT Paper Drill Bits.
Tungsten Carbide Detonation – A long life drill suitable for drilling heavy board or recycled papers. The deposit of the Tungsten Carbide on the outside of the drill helps to reduce wear and the cutting edge remains sharp for a longer time.
Teflon Coated – Reduces frictional heat build-up when drilling light plastic laminated work. The Teflon acts as a lubrication on the surface of the drill which reduces melting of the plastic due to friction heat reduction.
Titanium Coating – The ultimate hard wearing drills suitable for heavy boards, recycled papers and laminated materials. The coating of Titanium is both hard wearing and resists frictional heat build-up.
7. DURABIT paper Punches also available in a range of sizes to suit paper punching applications.

• DURASTICK Cutting Sticks are produced 100% from prime material components in modern production facilities.
• Virgin plastic resins are formulated into compounds specially suited to the Cutting Stick application.
• The plastic profiles are engineered under climatically controlled conditions which result in a constant product quality.
• Thermal instability of plastics is taken into account under a stringent quality control system.
• Tolerances of 0.01mm or 0.0004" are achieved on the size specification and length to 0.05% per linear metre within these controlled conditions.
• Special requirements such as additional bevel or radius corners, holes, counter-sinking and slots can be engineered to suit individual specifications.


• The following table lists specifications and sizes available in all models:

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