DURAWIRE Stitching Wire, Staples & Pushing Handles

The DURAWIRE Stitching Wire and Staples are manufactured for bookbinding applications to the highest quality, to enable maximum quality and performance in bookbinding and print finishing.


0.53 & 0.56 available for next day delivery

DURAWIRE Stitching Wire is used for book binding and stapling, printing and packaging.

• Flat or Round Stitching Wire available in a wide gauge range.
• Mild or Hard steel.
• Spools sizes from 2kg through to 500kg.
• Stitching Wire is applied to the reels with a special traverse technique to allow trouble free wire dewinding.
• Available for Heidelberg – Motter – Muller – Beilomatic – Rosback – McCain – Dulpo – Ferag - Hohner

Standard DURAWIRE is polished galvanised mild stainless steel which has a good appearance and resistance to corrosion. Both Mild and Hard is made from good quality steel and goes through an annealing and plating process to give consistent properties and adherent coatings.
Stitching wire is available in other finishes such as copper and bronze. For smaller runs it is possible to use nylon-coated wire, this is more expensive but enhances the appearance of the book cover.

Round Stitching Wire – mainly used for bookbinding and print finishing but can also be used for the manufacture of lightweight cartons. Reel sizes – 2kg, 3.5kg, 15/20kg, 35kg, 100kg


Narrow flat stitching wire – used for specialised jobs in the bookbinding and printing industries including catalogues etc. Broad flat stitching wire is available for use on larger boxes.
Reel sizes 2kg and 3.5kg


Used for stapling

The DURAWIRE range of staples suit most machines.

Staples made of top quality materials - Stainless Steel, Copper or Brass.

• Available in all sizes to fit most stapling machines.
• Sold in quantities of 1000 to 5000 per box depending on the type.
• Paul Schall-McGill’s-Rexel-Etona-Rapesco-Rapid-Nagel Multinak etc.


Used to guide collated books on paper conveyor. If a problem arises and the conveyor is halted they break off therefore preventing damage to the machine.


DURAWIRE Pushing Handles are suitable for use on Muller Martini, Wohlenberg and other leading makes of collator, folder, stitcher trimming machines.

• Manufactured from top quality HDPE and PPH thermoplastic material.
• Precision engineered with low tolerances to ensure conformity to specification required by the OEM

DURAWIRE Pushing Handles can be manufactured to
your customer’s exact requirements (sample or drawing

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