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Ever advancing technology demands the highest performance from precision engineered cutting products and related spare parts.
The wide range of paper cutters parts, manufactured in England, has been developed to increase the performance and provide an optimum quality of printing.

• For use on three knife trimmers with hard metal or tungsten carbide top knives.
• DURACUT plastic bottom knives are manufactured for Muller Martini, Sheridan and other trimmer makes with “shear” cutting action. These replace the standard steel bottom knives when using top knives in tungsten carbide or other hard metal qualities.
• Manufactured from resin compressed fibre material which prevents damage to the top knives and also eases the adjustment and setting of knives on installation.
• Precision engineered to customer requirement using the latest AutoCad technology
• Special sizes can be produced in small quantity upon request.

paper cutter parts
paper cutter

• Magnetic clamp pads protect the top sheets of carbon, NCR and other paper from the marks caused by the guillotine clamp pressure.
• A durable foam pad laminated to rubberized magnetic strip for affixing to the guillotine manufacturer’s false clamp plate.
Size 381mm x 76mm , 2 pads per package

• A hand jogger for all types of guillotine
• Ideally suited to assist the levelling and moving of the paper stack on the cutter table
• DURACUT jogger blocks are made from strong HDPE plastic material.
• The magnetic base ensures that all sheets are jogged perfectly and allows easy sliding.
• Fitted with two types of handle, specially shaped to fit naturally in the operator’s hand –
1. Rounded handle in a 90 degree angle
2. European shaped handle for good grip

Range of sizes available
75 x 200mm 75 x 250mm 100 x 200mm
100 x 250mm 125 x 250mm 125 x 300mm
125 x 400mm 150 x 300mm 150 x 400mm
150 x 450mm 150 x 650mm

• Cutting edge protector for paper trimmer knife
• Manufactured from durable UPVC polymer, DURACUT Knife Guard has been developed to ensure safe knife handling
• The magnetic strip ensures that the knife is held securely. This protects the operator and guards the knife on and off the machine.
• Black and yellow safety hazard tape is available as well as printing direct onto DURACUT knife guards.
• Available with end stops / screws for trimmer knives
• Can be supplied cut to size or in long lengths of 3 metres
• Two specifications:-
1. Heavy duty – red or yellow colour – 60mm wide
2. Light duty – yellow colour – 50mm wide

• Paper knives for guillotine cutters and paper three knife trimmers.
• Precision manufactured to OEM specifications.
• 4 qualities of steel grade –
1. Standard – Swedish steel
2. High Speed Steel (HSS) 18% Tungsten
3. Tungsten- Carbide (TCT)
4. High Carbon, High Chrome
• Most popular knives available from large stocks of Standard and HSS qualities
• All knives are supplied on heavy duty wooden boards or cases for some trimmer knives. DURACUT guillotine knives are secured to the boards with strong bolts and the knives are protected against corrosion and sharp ready for use.



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